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Meet the new Apex Site Solutions

Increasingly complex wireless challenges demand advanced problem solving. It’s what our reputation is built on. When others walk away, we rise above the status quo to tackle the toughest problems and find solutions to the emerging needs of our customers.  It’s why we joined the construction horsepower of Apex with the technical expertise of Pulse.  

Whether outdoor or indoor, Apex is positioned to better serve the evolving needs of carriers, tower owners, building owners, public safety radio users and any other sector requiring rock solid wireless solutions.   

From tower building, coverage testing and troubleshooting network problems to improving cellular and 2 way radio coverage inside buildings. One call to one team will meet your demands. 

Together, we are better. 

Abour us

Leadership Team

Everyone at Apex is empowered to lead. Leadership is infused through each department, all jobs, and every person at Apex. Meet our core leadership team. 

Rise Above.


To transform lives by providing growth and development opportunities that empower our TRIBE.

We Are T.R.I.B.A.L.


Outlast the Temporary

We are Mission and
Values Driven

At Apex, our mission and values are more than just words on a website. They are what drives us. They dictate everything we do. They can be found in every decision we make and every behavior we exhibit. 


We believe that better is always possible. Our mission and values dictate why and how we can Rise Above the status quo. We serve our people, so our people can better serve our customers. 

Connecting Our Community

Meaningful connections empower change. Building those connections to empower our tribe is the heartbeat of everything we do. We show up, stand up, and speak up for causes that matter and find solutions to strengthen the communities we serve.  When we connect on a cause and partner for purpose, the tribe is better, stronger, and healthier:

  • Partnering with 3 Strands Global to create and launch T.A.T.E, an industry wide initiative to help fight human trafficking

  • Training and hiring our nation's veterans through Allegiant Giving

  • Honoring First Responders with the Sacramento Kings

  • Creating and hosting an annual Brewfest to build community and funds for charitable giving

  • Supporting families through the Tower Family Foundation

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